With Theme Park Outsider, I’m hoping to pass along some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned from my many years of visiting theme parks.  I don’t have any affiliation with the parks other than I love roller coasters and really get into the whole theme park experience.   I’ve been lucky enough that my wife tolerates my obsession since she happens to love theme parks too, so she benefits from my frequent roller coaster excursions and I benefit from her outstanding photography.

The emphasis in this site is going to be general tips on how to make your park visits fun and what not to miss while you’re vacationing, but also to try to map out where to go for the best pictures of people on the rides without having to pay a fortune to buy them from the parks.  Obviously this only works if you have one person who is willing to take the photos and unwilling to ride the rides.  I’m also lucky that my wife has a ‘ground rule’, which basically means that in general her feet don’t leave the ground.

Finally, since I’m just getting started at this, you can see that most of the things I’m starting with are news stories.  I’m working on getting some tips together as I get time, so it should start to fill out some as I get the time to work on it.

Thanks for visiting…