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Unfortunately, a woman was thrown to her death from the Texas Giant Friday night.  Obviously, the investigation will take a while, but others in line at the time said that she had complained about her restraint not locking down properly and asked the attendant to re-check it.

The witness statements don’t exactly line up with the technology present on the ride.  The witnesses specifically mention that the restraint only clicked once for her, but the ride was refurbed in 2011 with hydraulic lap bars that don’t click when they lock, so it’s unclear exactly to what they were referring.  Clearly, though, something went horrifically wrong and it’s tragic for that woman and her family who were on the coaster with her.

Here’s a short video demonstrating what I think happened to her on this ride.  This video was made for an incident that happened on the superman ride at Six Flags New England in 2004.

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